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I spent twenty years in sale and marketing, much of it at the VP level, before making the decision to become a full-time author. As soon as my new creative colleagues found out about my background I was inundated with requests for advice. I quickly realized how big of a challenge marketing and promotion can be for many authors and decided to launch Authors Posse. Have a book coming out soon and you’re not sure where to start with promotion? Authors Posse (AP) can help with that. Have a few backlist titles you need to revive? AP can help with that too. And best of all, you can start for free!

I can’t wait to e-meet you and hear about your book!


Authors Posse Founder

How Does It Work?

Authors Posse is a free to fee-based author marketing support group for published and pre-published children’s writers. Unlike a debut group that focuses on your launch, AP is your “forever-group” that carries you through your career. The group coordinates online using Facebook and video chat to discuss myriad book marketing topics, such as: How I deal with Amazon? Are publicists worth the money? How can I better work with my publisher? AP brings in guest speakers who are experts in their field. We discuss topics in depth, strategize, promote each others work, and keep you on track. Plus, you’ll receive newsletters full of tips, freebies, and more!

Yeah… But Is Authors Posse For Me?

If you’re thinking, “But I don’t have any marketing experience and I’m crazy busy,” then it sounds like you’ll fit right in. You started your writing career to craft amazing children’s stories, not to become a master marketer, right? Then somewhere along the way you found out today’s author is expected to be both! Don’t worry, Authors Posse can help. Learn from seasoned, published authors. Network. Find your next author panel partners. Participate as much or as little as you have time for. I hope to see you in one of our monthly marketing meetings soon. In the meantime please take advantage of the many free marketing resources by signing up for Authors Posse Blue below.

Authors Posse Blue: Free! (Seriously, no strings)
  • Access to strategic marketing task list to keep you on track
  • Access to marketing articles database
  • Membership in our closed FaceBook group to ask questions and find support
  • Quarterly newsletter for tips and freebies!

*Authors Posse Blue is open to everyone!

Authors Posse Yellow: $99 per year

AP Blue Level Benefits Plus…

  • Access to quarterly webinar replays
  • Advance notice of monthly marketing & optional homework topics to coordinate with Facebook discussions and webinar replays
  • Opt-in marketing reminders to keep you on track: coming soon!

*Authors Posse Yellow is open to everyone!

Authors Posse Red: $199 per year

AP Yellow Level Benefits Plus…

  • Vote on which monthly topics you’d like to see on the agenda
  • Participate in homework disucssions
  • Submit questions in advanced to guest speakers
  • Interact with guest speakers in marketing webinars
  • Work in small online breakout rooms with advanced Marketing Posse members for in depth discussions such as in person event tours, Social Media campaigns, analysis of your website, etc.

*Authors Posse Red is open only to authors with a book contract or published manuscript.

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