All About Author Websites

Having a dynamic, easy to navigate, website that highlights your brand (that’s you) is a non-negotiable must for authors. Your to do list will be long once you get a book contract so now is the time to check “website” off your list. I update the resources in this section often so make sure to check back. I also highlight any new resources and offer lots of give aways (including free author website critiques, wink, wink) in my Author Posse quarterly newsletter. Click here to sign up if you like and as always, thanks for visiting.



Websites – Start Here!

Author Posse is designed to help all authors, from those who dread marketing to the more experienced veteran with multiple books to their name. If you are new to author marketing or have never built a website then you are in the right place. I hope you'll spend some...

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What’s Your Website Strategy?

It's true that having a dynamic, easy to navigate website is a non negotiable must for authors. But before you start browsing website builder platforms, themes, and images you need to spend some time to decide why you want a website and what you want it to do for you....

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SEO & Why You Should Care

So you've written a picture book about friendship. Or maybe a middle grade novel that highlights a non-traditional family. You've added your books to your website but nobody is visiting to check them out. Perhaps you need a SEO strategy. SEO stands for search engine...

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