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2019-20 School Year!

Thank you for your interest in an author visit. I am always honored to be invited to speak. As soon as you hit submit on the form below a message will appear in my inbox. I will respond as quickly as possible, but please know, I am a travel nut with a propensity for the backcountry and gloriously remote mountain tops with no internet. So if I don’t respond within two weeks feel free to nudge me at: nanette (at) heffernanmail (dot com).

Oh, and one last thing… the more detail you provide the better I will be able to respond to your request.

Thank you again and I look forward to planning an outstanding event together!



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Nanette offers a variety of author visit options. From CCSS/NGSS STEAM Workshops, to allowing students to be editors for a day, there is something for every school.

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