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2023-24 School Year!

Thank you for your interest in an author visit. I am always honored to be invited to speak. As soon as you hit submit on the form below a message will appear in my inbox. I will respond as quickly as possible, but please know, I am a travel nut with a propensity for the backcountry and gloriously remote mountain tops with no internet. So if I don’t respond within two weeks feel free to nudge me at: nanette (at) heffernanmail (dot com).

Oh, and one last thing… the more detail you provide the better I will be able to respond to your request.

Thank you again and I look forward to planning an outstanding event together!



School Visits With Nanette (download here)

Nanette offers a variety of author visit options; with everything from CCSS/NGSS STEAM Workshops, to allowing students to be editors for a day, there is something for every school.

Earth Hour Educator’s Guide (download here)

EARTH HOUR, by Nanette Heffernan, offers a range of layered concepts—from basic to more complex—supporting environmental literacy in grades K-6, and Reading Buddies programs popular in many schools. This guide was co-developed by author Nanette Heffernan, and Sharon Angal, recipient of the Presidential Award For Excellence Science and Mathematics.  It draws on CCSS – NGSS standards, Nanette’s 15 years experience of working with children and schools on environmental issues, and Sharon’s expertise in teaching science. The activities will encourage students to think critically about the many ways our daily choices impact Earth and its ecosystems and how children can be part of the solution to reverse climate change.

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